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Our Values

Our firm represents international and local companies, startups, universities and government research centres. We endeavour to obtain patents and designs that are of high quality, value and relevance to our client's requirements.

We find it to be a privilege to be able to work with our clients during one of their most exciting time of their operation. Our goal is to provide you with commercially relevant advice during your commercialisation process and to help you establish an appropriate IP strategy in accordance with our values.

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Intellectual Property is a specialist area of law which requires a deep understanding of International Laws and an appreciation of various technologies before a practitioner may advise effectively. Our firm only specialises in Intellectual Property and more specifically within the areas of Patents and Designs only. This is all that we do!

You can be assured that as experts we will have all of the necessary expertise to advise you accordingly, no matter how difficult, demanding or complex your innovative situation may be, we will be able to assist you in working through the Intellectual Property process.

Accurate fee estimates

The process of seeking Intellectual Property protection can be a brief affair, or it can go on for years. As our client, you can be assured that we will provide you with the immediate cost estimates as well as forecast cost estimates for future events. We appreciate that you would want to know what your commitments are, both now and in the future.


We want you to know how much a Patent or Design will cost, either now, or for budgeting in the future so that you can make an informed decision as your Patent or Design portfolio grow alongside your business. We do not charge for new queries, general calls or for following up with you. We will only start charging our clients when the nature of the work requires us to spend time considering relevant legal or commercial aspects in the provision of our advice.

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We are here for the long haul

We acknowledge that in the Intellectual Property business, our client’s success may take effort, time and patience. Therefore, so that we can provide the best possible advice for our clients, we want to build a strong and professional relationship with our clients over the long term.


We welcome discussions, meetings and phone calls with our clients to discuss their IP matters with us as well as their business progress or challenges. We want to know how we can help our clients succeed. The better we understand our client’s needs and challenges, the better we are able to provide our advice to align their Patent and Design portfolios with their business objectives.

Commitment to your business

We recognize that our clients will have many different goals in their everyday business operations and activities. Whilst we would love to talk about the various complexities of Intellectual Property Law, we acknowledge that our clients will need to get down to business quickly and effectively.


Our clients can be assured that when working with us, we will provide the best advice which will be applicable to and aligned with their commercial or development activities, all without the legal jargon.


Go ahead and make your business rock and let us worry about the complexities. We keep it real even if it is complex.

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Involvement with the community

We are continuously engaged within the development and advancement of our community. As members of a profession that services the advancement of science and engineering, we strive to ensure that we contribute towards the development of our community, society and economy.


We are mentors, advisers and assessors for various professional bodies, education and incubation programs in Hong Kong. We enjoy our contributions and education of the community through our work and we strive to assist the hardworking researchers, academics and entrepreneurs in solving technology challenges, improving our quality of life and creating wealth for future generations.

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