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About Our Firm

Our firm is a specialist Intellectual Property (IP) Firm based in Hong Kong, China.


We specialise in advising and protecting our client’s inventions with Designs and Patents in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Worldwide.


We have a strong team from a diverse technical background and we are able to work with a range of different technologies. We are also flexible in our approach and will uniquely consider each of our clients to provide the best possible advice under any circumstances.


We also recognize the challenges in innovating and appreciates the efforts of inventors and designers to develop a better world through research and development. We are dedicated to working with our clients during their commercialisation journey.

Female Teacher during a Math Class

Our Name

Our name is a reflection of our heritage in science and engineering, which is necessary to understand the technical aspects of our work. Indeed, our firm’s name is a tribute to a branch of advance mathematics that we, as well as many of our clients would have encountered on many evenings behind our desks.


There is also another side to our name too. When we created our firm, we considered the genius behind the many Patents and Designs we had worked with over the years and asked ourselves, what made up this genius?


After some reflection, our answer came to be found in the inventors and designers that we had met. Their genius was often a combination of something "real" (that exists), together with the genius in their "imagination". Therefore, the representation is “R” + “i”. Applying a little mathematics notations,  we came to our firm's name as a tribute to our inventors and designers.

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